"I return often to the Midwest, camera in hand, to revisit the remarkable people who so generously opened their lives to me.  I have learned so much and I learned it from the farmers themselves. This project is dedicated to them; this documentary is just the beginning."
Jan Weber

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Jan Weber
Jan returned to the rural Midwest to document the changes that have taken place there since she left for New York City for a career in television and film production. That was over thirty years ago. Over that time she has produced, directed, and written commercials, corporate programs, network pilots, and co-produced two karate action features that were national and international distribution.
Through her marketing and communications consulting company, JW Creative Solutions, Ltd., she works with clients such as Ernst & Young, UPS, BMW, and a variety of tech and IT companies to plan, develop and execute marketing and communications programs, including video and web-based solutions. 

Jan is currently working on a new, feature-length documentary that expands upon the issues covered in AS WE SOW, her first documentary. Contact:

Patricia Schumann

Editor/Sound Design
Patty Schumann has been a part of the New York independent filmmaking community for over a decade. During that time, she was assistant director on a broad range of productions and wrote, produced, and directed short films of her own for the indie market. Bringing her creative and production experience to the edit room, Schumann has spent eight years as a video editor, with the last three at the Refinery, a commercial post production facility in New York, where  she cut a variety of projects including commercials and music videos, documentaries, and feature films, including the documentary "The Last Poets" which appeared this winter on BRAVO. Back in her own edit studio, Patty is currently working on a feature-length documentary for HBO.


James von Buelow

Sound Mixer

James is an award-winning sound mixer whose credits include feature films, A&E and Biography specials, CBS sports documentaries, and commercials. As Senior Sound Editor at Sound Hound, a NY-based audio mixing facility, James' editing credits include, When the Century Was Young, The 50s. A&E Lost and Found, History Undercover, Catherine the Great for A&E, and Clerks and all subsequent features by Director, Kevin Smith.


Contact: Sound Hound (212) 575-8664 

Michael Enright

Composer - Theme from As We Sow

"Filmmaker Jan Weber had a flash of inspiration and tapped me to supply a score for her moving and melancholy documentary 'As We Sow', which chronicles the disappearance of the American small farm. Think abandoned barns and wind-swept Iowa plains, plus the harmonica from Morricone's 'Once Upon a Time in the West.'

You can listen to Mike's composition here: Shockwave Audio or MP3




Additional Music

“Trouble in the Fields”, written by Nanci Griffith, is currently licensed from Irving Music, Inc. o/b/o Wing & Wheel Music (BMI) for As We Sow. Broadcast by permission only. 


The song is performed by Andriette Redmann, John Rokosny and Danny Kelly.

For more on their latest CD release and performance schedule, go to Sun Palace Music